at frank theaters in CORAL SPRINGS fL.MIKE THE MANAGER WOULD NOT SELL ME POPCORN AT POSTED PRICE OF $6.35 SAID THE PRICE WENT UP THAT DAY TO $6.50 i TOLD HIM HE HAD TO SELL ME THE POPCORN AT POSTED PRICE HE REFUSED SAID IF I WANTED POPCORN IT WAS $6.50 or no popcorn that is against the law.r u KIDDING i HAVE TO ENTER A HUNDRED WORDS TO SUBMIT A COMPLAINT this is no way to run a chain of theaters most complaints don't need a hundred words or are you hoping people won't complain having to write that many words

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No, it's not against the law, nor would it be false advertisement. Specifically, it's referred to as an invitation to treat and does not require that a vendor must always stick to a posted price.

There is no law dictating that a vendor must sell an item. You're assuming that a contract between the vendor and the employee exists prior to a sale when in fact one only exists upon the offer and acceptance of money or goods in trade.

That's why stores are allowed to refuse service, because they're not required to part with their property until they consent to. So a mistake in posting doesn't mandate that someone unwillingly give up their property.

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